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I’m ready to help you turn your finances around so you can get confident and comfortable with them, relieving the daily stress of the constant dark cloud that many feel with their finances.  Don't worry if you're 'number-phobic', this is a fairly simple process.  You get better with practice.

Good sleep is real important for your mind and body.  I learned more about sleep and stress after a heart emergency.  Concerns over how to pay for a replacement car, afford school, a health bill, new insurance cost, loan payment, etc. keeps most people awake.  It's very important to get that stress off your body before it causes a health emergency.
It's time to get you some Financial Relief.

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  • 11 ways to cut $ stress w/o earning more $ (p 2)
  • Step by step method for controlling every $ (p 3)
  • 3 secrets to spending less on every purchase (p 4)
  • 7 key steps to cutting your largest costs (p 6)
  • Furthering your education without debt (p 7)


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Want to Get Ahead of the Crowd?

Learn these Street-Smart Success Skills

Life’s Cheat Sheets (LCS) is Jeff's #1 Best-Selling series of street-smart skills books that inspires young adults and up to learn critical, real-life skills that they will use throughout their life to achieve results beyond their dreams. Even with all of his degrees, it’s based on Jeff’s 30 years of creating, managing, and growing companies “on the street” rather than from textbooks, with chapters ending with “What Would Jeff Do” action steps to push them to get started now. LCS lays out important life skills such as mental focus, marketing/sales, goal achieving, negotiation, financial & estate plans, etc. that schools barely brush upon.

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Hi, I'm Jeff Wilson

Having bought my first rental home at a sheriff’s auction as a 17-year old high school senior on a hall pass, I've always taken action.  For 25+ years since high school, I've run and owned companies, filling roles of CFO, COO, CEO, General Counsel, and Turnaround Specialist, helping those companies reach record sales and profits several years. I've done financial & estate planning, served on boards, and taught at three colleges.

I've earned a JD (attorney in OH & MI), MBA, MHA, CMA, CBM, BS, and AA in management, marketing, computer science, finance, and law.  I have advanced training in real estate investing and obtained Series 7 & 66 securities and insurance licenses.  I am active in distressed real estate and businesses. I've played competitive sports for decades, I emcee local events, and spend time with my wife and Bichon-Maltese buddies.

I'm the author of the #1 Best Selling success series Life's Cheat Sheets: Crucial Success Habits School Never Taught You.  I've been featured as an Amazon #1 Best-Seller, in Kindle books, on 60+ radio programs, a cable show, print articles, key-note, break-out, award, and commencement speeches, company trainings, guest posts, etc.  Send me an email to join your event.  You can reach me at [email protected] or find out more about me on my About page here and at

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Want Me to Personally Help You Reach Your Goals?

Are you ready to get a custom blueprint from Jeff for turning around your annoying financial situation so you can get the financial relief you desire?

Want to join my small group of coaching clients? If you want a personalized plan and access to me for continuous improvement to expedite your progress, then apply today to get your assessment call scheduled.  Let me help you take your progress to the next level!

E-mail your request to [email protected] 

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